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We have grown! We started out as a small group of therapists in Ottawa and we have expanded to the rest of Ontario. We offer virtual services for anyone in Ontario, and we have in person offices in the Ottawa Region, Cornwall and the GTA. We also provide sessions at a reduced fee through our student intern program. Contact us to help you navigate our site or to set you up with one of our therapists!

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Individual, Couple, Family and Child Therapy

Ontario Counselling and Psychotherapy is a group of psychotherapists and social workers in Ottawa, Cornwall, Toronto (and soon other cities in Ontario) who offer expertise in a variety of mental health areas and believe in an integrated approach to counselling. We work with you and pride ourselves in creating a strong relationship with our clients by ensuring that we are a good fit to help you attain your therapy goals. We offer individual, couple, family and child psychotherapy to clients all over Ontario.

Our Services

Each of our therapists bring a different set of skills and approaches to therapy. We integrate the approaches and use what is best suited for each person.

We invite you to explore our site and contact the therapist of your choice. You will find our contact information under “Our therapists” tab. If you are unsure, call the centre at (613) 699-0060 or email at ocp.therapyinfo@gmail.com and we will answer any questions you may have, direct you to a therapist and, if you wish, set you up with one of our therapists.

How do I choose the right therapist?

Picking the right therapist is a challenging task. The goal is to find someone you can trust and who is going to help you navigate your counselling needs. Unfortunately, it's a bit like online dating; you won't know if they are going to be a good fit until you meet in person.  Here are some helpful tips to start the process.

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Fees & insurance coverage

Our fees vary per therapist, you will find what each therapist charges under ‘our therapists’ tab. Fees vary between $125/hr and $200/hr depending on the therapist. Our services are not covered by OHIP and our therapists don’t offer a sliding scale. We do however, have Master level student interns who charge $80/hr and offer a sliding scale if needed.

If you have medical coverage through your employer or individual plan, please contact your insurance company before your appointment as many insurance plans do cover a portion of the services we provide.

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Our Students

Our students are at the end of their Master’s programs and are currently completing their internships. Their goal is to provide you, to the best of their abilities, the support you need in your therapeutic journey. This journey looks different from one person to another and to ensure that their guidance aligns with the needs you bring in with you to every session, they:
• Attend weekly supervision meetings
• Pursue personal and professional development through trainings, readings, and seminars
• Seek therapy of their own
• Their commitment to you is to walk into every session with an open and acceptant heart and mind to give you the space you need in that moment, whatever that might look like.
Placements are usually 8 months in length, and many choose to continue their work at the centre after completion so you are able to receive continuity of care. OCP’s hope is to offer the community affordable therapy while providing new therapists the opportunity to gain experience and start their own private practice.

Our students

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We welcome positive reviews of our therapists.
If at any point you have any concern or comments for improvements regarding the services received, please contact Yoshie Martinez at (613)-263-2344 - yoshie.ocp@gmail.com
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