“I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have” – Thomas Jefferson

It is the best and the worst thing to realize that the work that we do is directly corelated to the outcome. On one hand, there is immense responsibility that comes with acknowledging our role in change, development and growth. On the other, there is vast freedom in acknowledging our role in the like. Once we accept that we are the agent of change in our life, suddenly, our capacity for change seems endless. It also allows us to see stagnation as a choice in many ways, allowing us space for self-compassion.

It can be easy to blame others, point fingers or look for “reasons” we do this or that, feel this or that, don’t do this or that and the list goes on. Looking inwards for this answer means that not only are we recognizing in our capability to choose and change our emotions, reactions and behaviours but also that we are the solution to much of our suffering.

I encourage you all to think of one way that you contribute to your current situation and one way that you make it better. Add to the list of the ways you make it better and notice the many ways that you can take charge of your experience in the world.

Be well.

Written by Samantha Memedoska