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Krisha Séguin

Ottawa Counselling
Krisha Séguin

When we have suffered over a long period of time without much support or compassion, we come to rely on certain ways of being and relating that keep us safe but isolated from ourselves and those we love. This is normal considering what we have experienced. Trauma and lack of early nurturing skew our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Neither can be trusted, and this determines how we are in relationship within and with others. At the core of all of this is our longing to be in nurturing relationships because the need to feel loved, wanted, and accepted are so innate in us.

Therefore, feeling the converse: rejection and shame is a blow to our very sense of self. We reject because we really want to be needed and accepted, and yet we are afraid. The pain we feel in this dichotomy is profound.

As your counsellor, I can support and guide you in finding out how you can lessen this pain. We can collaborate on how you can feel better about you that would then help you change the pattern of how you relate with others, and seek safer and healthier relationships and situations.


My approach to mental wellness is holistic. While I employ an Attachment-Psychodynamic approach in helping you understand the roots of your present-day difficulties, I use Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other techniques in helping you use your ways of feeling safe to greater effect. I don’t discount the ways we protect ourselves, which are normal due to our past experiences, and I respect them. But it is good to be able to work with them more effectively.

Qualifications and Services:

I have an M.A. in Counselling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University, I am a Registered Psychotherapist and I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

I provide counselling services for a wide range of issues, including interpersonal challenges, low self-esteem, social isolation, anxiety, depression, childhood sexual abuse, trauma, and grief and loss.


I receive regular supervision from a registered psychologist, so your counselling costs can be covered by insurance.

You can also reach me at 613-864-3243 or

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