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Pooneh Montazeralsedgh MA, RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Independent Associate

FEE : $150/hr
  • Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy (Ages 12+)
  • Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Self-compassion, Life Transitions, Cultural Issues, Interpersonal/Relational Issues

“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.” – Stephen Levine

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step!

Are you experiencing anxiety, going through life transitions, facing grief and/or simply needing a space to talk? I’m here to walk alongside you on your journey to help co-create the safe and non-judgemental space that you need. As a therapist, I work from a client-centred approach, offering my support through empathetic listening, helping clients expand their self-awareness. Together, we will explore what helps empower you in order to help you proceed mindfully.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in mindfulness and self-compassion. Mindfulness to help you become aware of your thoughts, sensations, behaviours, and emotions, and self-compassion to invite kindness in place of judgement. I have experience working with a variety of clients, each with their own unique backgrounds and stories. I work through a trauma-informed lens, helping clients identify and understand the root of their challenges. At the same time, helping them build resilience and develop self-care practices tailored to their needs. I also use somatic therapy to encourage clients to explore the connections between their mind, body, and soul to bring awareness to them and help release emotions. Overall, the therapeutic techniques I use are personalized to meet individual needs and goals. Additionally, cultural sensitivity and competence is important for me as culture plays a fundamental role in individuals’ health and healing.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Ottawa and an MA in Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality with a concentration in Couples and Family Counselling from Saint Paul University. Currently, I am also in the midst of completing my PhD in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality from Saint Paul University as well. My research focuses on parenting practices and child social connectedness, considering the impact of the pandemic on both parents and children.

Taking the first step is never easy so thank you for stopping by and please feel free to contact me by email to set up a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation.

356 Woodroffe Ave., Entrance G/H, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K2A 3V6
(613) 699-0060


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