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Evelyn Plettenberg-Smith MDVST, MSW, RSW, SEP

Registered Social Worker

Independent Associate

FEE : $150/hr
  • Individual Therapy (Ages 18+)
  • Trauma, addiction, intergenerational trauma, anxiety, depression

“My goal is to create a space where you feel welcome, safe and comfortable enough to explore and develop a deeper understanding of self. I want to help you recognize the strengths you already have and support you in developing new skills for navigating what life throws your way.

Working and volunteering with community organizations for the last decade has given Evelyn extensive experience supporting adults living with trauma and addiction. They draw from a multitude of body-based and talk-therapy approaches to adapt to the needs of clients. Evelyn also values humour and play as important tools for helping explore and understand difficult concepts and emotions.

The goal for sessions is for the client to feel seen and accepted, but also welcomed for who they are. Life is messy and so is being human; we have all done things we regret and have behaviours we want to change. Evelyn is here to support you in working towards goals you set for yourself in a judgement-free environment.

Counselling can feel awkward and scary; it’s hard to be vulnerable, especially with new people. Trust your instincts when it comes to choosing a therapist, the right fit is important enough to keep looking for. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in your therapeutic relationship, you are missing out on the full benefits of counselling.

356 Woodroffe Ave., Entrance G/H, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K2A 3V6
(613) 699-0060

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