Creativity is just connecting things”- Steve Jobs

Creative Arts in TherapyCreative Arts in therapy can be used to enhance awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors so that the client can gain a better understanding of themselves. It allows clients to dive deeper into their subconscious/unconscious and recover these memories through expression within the creative arts.

There are many different forms of Creative Arts Therapy.

Drama Therapy

Drama therapy is when clients are encouraged to engage in actions through role-play and self-presentation to explore things from the past, uncover trauma, unfinished business or even fantasies and dreams.

It is used to explore a particular subject from different perspectives to gain more clarity. Drama therapy is useful and effective because it can treat a range of different concerns including depression, schizophrenia, severe behavioural disorders, psychosis and eating disorders.

Art Therapy

Art therapy involves engaging in spontaneous art expression to release any unconscious thoughts or feelings that the client may not be aware of. The clinician and client then have a conversation about what was drawn to explore the interpretation of the creative art piece.

Poetry Therapy

Poetry therapy is when a client uses poetic methods such as metaphors, journal writing, letter writing or ceremonies to express how they feel. Some benefits of Poetry therapy include:

    • Increasing the validation of feelings, promoting disclosure or improving group discussion
    • Increasing sense of safety, cohesion and control
    • Improvement of coping with life transitions and finding symbolic meanings

Benefits of Creative Arts Therapy

The benefits of Creative Arts Therapy include:

    • Increasing the state of flow. Mind and body are balanced, all parts come together to achieve something in the present moment.
    • Reducing pain. Being caught in the flow of Creative Arts reduces pain while in the moment as well as after because of the satisfaction of the creation.
    • Increasing quality of life. Being in touch with inner feelings brings peace, awareness and sense of relaxation.

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